Company Profile

Company Philosophy

Sakamura Hot Art Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 after splitting from Sakamura Machine Co., Ltd. (It was formerly the Hot Forming Division.)
We handle everything hot former related, from design of horizontal hot formers unique to Japan to die design, production, machine start-up, maintenance, and after sales.
Our first hot nut former was launched in 1968, and we created a hot former with world’s largest forging capacity of 21,000kN in 2007.
In 2013, we acquired the Sakamura Hot Art building. We are using the 1st Floor as a factory complete with machine shop capabilities, after sales, and maintenance service.
We will continue to provide equipment that suits our customers’ needs using our long experience, engineering capabilities, and newly developed engineering.


first hot nut former

Message from the Chairman

Sakamura Hot Art Co., Ltd. is the only hot former machine manufacturer in Japan. Over 150 hot formers have been shipped both domestically and internationally, and they have received high praise.
We’ve been dedicated to hot former manufacturing for 40 years, with over 40 models to choose from, from ultra-compact (forging capacity: 400kN) to super-jumbo (forging capacity: 21,000kN) formers to meet a variety of customer needs.
We will continue to develop new engineering and provide the best hot formers that incorporate this engineering to our customers.

Masahiro Taniguchi
Chairman and Representative Director


1968 First hot nut former was launched.
1973 First in the world to separate the inner, outer, and middle rings of bearing and pierced scrap.
1987 Large hot former (forging capacity: 8,000kN) delivered to customer .
1995 Grip feed type HNP Series was exported to Germany.
1999 Sakamura Hot Art Co., Ltd. was established (by splitting from Sakamura Machine Co., Ltd.)
2000 First single ram type hot former HPF-160 was exported to Italy.
2005 Large twin ram hot former 18,000kN for hubs was delivered to a customer .
2007 Hot former with world’s top forging capacity of 21,000kN was delivered to a customer .
2013 Sakamura Hot Art building was acquired. A maintenance area was established on the first floor which features large boring machines .
2014 Hot former with billet supply system, forging capacity 13,000kN was delivered to a customer.
2016 Hot former with 5 forging station type, forging capacity 6,000kN was delivered to a customer.
We introduced machining center in the maintenance area.
2017 We introduced 3D measuring devices.

Company profile

  • Company name: Sakamura Hot Art Co., Ltd .
  • Headquarter: 5-1 Shinkaichi Sayama, Kumiyama, Kuse, Kyoto 613-0034, JAPAN
  • Capital: JPY 25 million
  • Established: October 1999
  • No. of employees: 27 (as of June 2019)
  • Management
    • Chairman : Masahiro Taniguchi
    • President : Minoru Enomoto
    • Managing Director : Akihiko Fujimoto
  • Business
    • Design and manufacture of hot formers and forging tools
    • Trial run and guidance
    • Assembly
    • Maintenance
  • Design equipment
    • 3D CAD
    • 2D CAD
    • Forming simulation software(2D,3D)
    • FEM structural analysis software
  • Machinery and equipment
    • General-purpose lathe
    • General-purpose milling machine
    • Surface grinding machine
    • Vertical turning lathe
    • Horizontal boring machine
    • Machining center
    • Radial drilling machine
    • Universal Radial drilling machine
    • Rockwell hardness tester
    • 3D measuring devices
    • 250t hydraulic press 250ton


5-1 Shinkaichi Sayama, Kumiyama, Kuse,
Kyoto 613-0034, Japan

  • By train
    • Kintetsu Line: 10 minutes from Okubo Station by taxi
    • JR Nara Line: 10 minutes from Nitta Station by taxi
    • ※Be careful when connecting at Kyoto Station
  • By car
    • Daini Keihan highway: 5 minutes from Kumiyama Minami IC